GIW® Minerals Hydrocyclone Apex Kits

Fresh, innovative design reduces downtime by up to six hours. GIW® Mineral's straightforward tie-bolt and clamp design is a breeze to install and maintain.

Apex Kits
The apex is the highest wear part of the cyclone. This section is subjected to a high concentration of coarse solids travelling at a high velocity. GIW® Minerals apex kit now offers a patented long wearing design that allows a replacement apex to be fitted to your existing equipment. Change out can be reduced from hours to minutes. Contact your regional sales representative to learn how you can replace your high wear lower cones and apexes with durable, long life GIW® Minerals apex kits.

apex_cutaway_pic Apex - front view 

  • Primary Ball Mill Cyclones
  • Aggregate Cyclones
  • Tailings Cyclones
  • Regrind Cyclones
  • Coal Preparation Cyclones
  • Dewatering Cyclones
  • Phosphate/Potash Cyclones
Additional Information

Hydrocyclone Brochure

Choosing GIW® Minerals Hydrocyclones means lower operating costs, easier maintenance and longer wear life.

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Apex Kit brochure

The GIW® Minerals hydrocyclones features a patented long wearing design that can allow a GIW® Minerals replacement apex to be fitted to your existing equipment.

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