Innovative KSB Solutions for Surface Treatment

KSB is an expert in the field of surface treatment. KSB offers suitable pumps for the many applications. KSB’s reliable solutions ensure smooth processes.


KSB pumps, valves, and systems used in surface treatment processes provide:

  • Smooth processes
  • Availability of the fluid at the right place at the right time, with the required flow rate and the correct pressure
  • Continuous process quality
  • Stable circuits
  • Transport and circulation of fluids
  • Heat transfer
  • Supply and disposal in necessary auxiliary processes

KSB’s products and innovative solutions are used in processes such as degreasing, flushing, pickling, chemical activation, phosphating, and cathodic E-coating. KSB’s proven products can be found in dipping and spraying applications alike.

KSB products are employed in the following surface treatment applications:

  • Cleaning/washing systems
  • Degreasing baths
  • Rinsing baths / spray applications
  • Zinc phosphating
  • Cathodic E-coating
  • Supplying fully desalinated water / recirculation fluid / ultrafiltrate
  • Disposal processes

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Etanorm – the world’s best-selling water pump

KSB’s Etanorm is the world's best-selling water pump (to EN 733), with more than 1 million Eta pumps currently in use. The reliability and economical operation makes Etanorm pumps a popular choice.

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Movitec: the new generation of the proven high-pressure pump

The new Movitec high pressure pumps - Energy-efficient and reliable

KSB has managed to further increase the already high efficiency of its Movitec high-pressure pumps. The new pumps come with optimized hydraulic systems and highly efficient IE2 motors.

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The Range of Valves Brochure

A full range of high and low pressure gate, globe and check valves for the USA market.

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