KSB is Your Dependable Partner in the Field of Renewable Energy

KSB offers the best service, state-of-the-art pumps and valves for renewable energy applications, that call for innovative, efficient and durable products.

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KSB has been producing pumps and valves for 140 years and has many years of experience in power plant engineering. Thanks to high investments in research and development, KSB offers optimized hydraulic systems with high-efficiency drives resulting in very low life cycle costs and maximum performance.

KSB is a reliable partner for all applications, offering optimum service in the field of renewable energy and supporting sustainable environmental protection with its products.


Make efficient use of solar energy with KSB

Concentrated solar power (CSP) is among the most promising technologies in the field of renewable energy. KSB offers reliable solutions for parabolic trough systems, linear fresnel plants and solar power towers.

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Efficient pumps and valves for biomass-fired power plants

To ensure that industrial power plants can operate economically, it is important to select the individual components for their efficiency. Regardless of whether the power plant is operated with coal, gas or biomass, KSB products are reliable.

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