KSB Cellular Surface Wear Rings

KSB cellular surface wear rings minimize leakage, enhance rotor stability, and maximize efficiency.

KSB cellular surface wear rings The cellular surface wear rings help to reduce energy costs by increasing efficiency and prolonging service life for an even more reliable pump design.

Why are KSB cellular surface wear rings more effective than rings with conventional surfaces?

One of the leading contributors to reduced pump efficiency is internal leakage. This leakage is predominantly found between the impeller eye and casing wear ring where there is a circumferential flow in these annular clearances. As pumps wear, these clearances increase and thus have a negative impact on pump efficiency due to higher leakage.

Conventional wear ring surfaces are either smooth or have circumferential grooves. These designs have appreciable wear over times. KSB's cellular wear ring design is significantly different and substantially better.

The KSB cellular wear ring's regular surface pattern of precisely calculated and spark eroded cells have an axis perpendicular to the direction of the flow. The result is less leakage, higher efficiency, enhanced stabilization of rotor and lower wear plate and best of all lower life cycle cost!

Benefits of KSB cellular surface wear rings at a glance

  • Low operating costs thanks to higher efficiency
  • Long service life
  • High operating reliability
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • High efficiency
  • Stable rotor
  • Improved anti-seizure properties
  • Low risk of damage to impeller and casing wear ring
  • Low internal leakage losses

Straightforward retrofitting of high-pressure pumps

Retrofitting with KSB cellular surface wear rings is straightforward.

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