KSB pumps and Valves for Power Stations

KSB has been serving customers with innovative solutions for 140 years. Our know-how and experience across a wide spectrum of pump and valve technology makes us the ideal partner for the operators, consultants, and plant engineering contractors of super critical power plants.

Power Station Heyden2 Sustainability means doing business with an eye towards the future. That is particularly important in an market as dependent on natural resources as the energy industry. Energy suppliers need to meet the demands reliably and economically, while also protecting the environment.

KSB is your dependable partner all over the world

With KSB's extensive experience, know-how, and quality products, our customers are assured support through plant design, construction, startup, and operation. Around the world, more than 170,000 pumps and some three million valves are already in action helping generate energy.


All circuits as well as the auxiliary systems can be equipped with KSB products

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Combined cycle power stations

Combined cyle power stations are quick to build, extremely efficient, and release only limited amounts of CO2. KSB pumps and valves ensure smooth and highly economical operation.

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ZTS Valve from KSB

In addition to valves for the ASME and API markets, KSB also supplies a full range of high and low pressure gate, globe, check, ball, and diaphragm valves designed to ISO and EN standards.  The latest focal point of the KSB Valve portfolio is the ZTS Gate Valves with Pressure Seal Bonnet. 

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KSB cellular surface wear rings

Low operating costs, high reliability: KSB cellular surface wear rings reduce leakage flow and ensure high efficiency.

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Energy Pumps and Valves in the USA

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