GIW Announces Wolfgang Demmler as New President and Managing Director

GROVETOWN, GA (Jan. 19, 2016) — GIW Industries Inc., the leader in the design, manufacture, and application of heavy-duty centrifugal slurry pumps, is proud to announce that Wolfgang Demmler has assumed his new role as President and Managing Director of the company. Demmler takes over the leadership role from the previous President, Dennis Ziegler, who retired at the end of 2015.

Demmler spent his first decade with KSB in Germany, working in various roles from overseeing daily operations to acting as head of corporate development. The experience gave him a solid, deep knowledge of KSB culture and systems.

That knowledge served him well in South Africa as he developed hands-on leadership skills in the manufacturing and service environment. During his 11-year post as Managing Director of KSB South Africa, Demmler oversaw the entire sub-Saharan market, from sales to manufacturing and service support. During his tenure, the South Africa subsidiary almost quadrupled its production turnover.

A foundation of excellence for global markets
GIW Industries Inc. is the third-largest entity in the KSB group (after Germany and France). The slurry pump group is the only product group that is headquartered outside of central Europe, and its operations are critical to customers around the world. Demmler aims to increase GIW’s global market leadership in the coming years.

“The materials and foundry process at GIW are unique and truly make the product stand out in the world market,” Wolfgang Demmler says. “GIW is already a strong player, but there is a lot of potential for us to explore new opportunities.”

Demmler is looking forward to tackling those opportunities with the GIW team and with partners such as the Outotec group, a global player in the mining industry, operating in Europe, North America, Latin America, Australia, Asia, and Africa. He admires the tremendous experience of GIW experts in slurry handling and sees increasing opportunities to extend that experience throughout the global KSB network.

“To work together with strong partners and individuals on a global basis — that’s what I’m looking forward to most,” Wolfgang Demmler says.

About KSB and GIW Minerals
GIW Industries Inc. was established as a small, privately owned foundry and machine shop in 1891. By 1914, the company was supplying slurry pumps to the Florida phosphate industry. Over the years, GIW became known for its severe-abrasive handling pumps and began a century of facility expansion and technology growth. In 1996, GIW became a full subsidiary of KSB, and in 2014, the GIW Minerals brand was established.

Through the GIW Minerals product brand, KSB strives to be an innovative partner that provides you with the best and longest-wearing slurry solutions. We are your partner, today and in the future.

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