KSB Urges Action on Water Reclamation for World Water Day

Water Day

KSB, the world's most experienced supplier of water and wastewater pumps, joins the United Nations in celebration of the 22nd Annual World Water day on Sunday, March 22, 2015.

World Water Day is a global day of celebration and education, dedicated to enhancing understanding of a different water-related issue each year. This year's theme, “Water and Sustainable Development,” brings attention to how water links to all areas of our lives.

Water is essential for our health and for the ecosystems we live in. It is the most important element in producing the food we eat, the goods we consume, and the energy that drives all our activities.

However, by 2030, approximately half of the world's population will live in areas with high water stress. Today, more than 80 percent of global wastewater is neither collected nor treated.

KSB believes that wastewater is a serious blind spot in the water cycle, and its collection and treatment is essential for solving the world's water challenges. KSB continually invests in improving systems and solutions that will enhance food and energy security, support human and environmental health, and empower positive social development and global equality.

The United Nations emphasizes that now is the time to consider the future we want for our planet. KSB delivers solutions for today and for a sustainable future.

The global mindset is changing — let's be part of it!

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