Press Archive 2012

  1. KSB ZTS Gate Valve


    The ZTS Gate Valve can handle the pressure (and temperature) of high-efficiency settings.

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  2. Amacan P at IAAPA


    KSB making waves in the water technology.

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  3. Amarex N

    Amarex N_original

    KSB Releases Proven, Versatile Submersible Pump

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  4. Sewatec


    KSB promotes the Sewatec dry-installed volute casing pump. Used for wastewater transport and treatment, sludge handling, and storm water applications, among other uses, the Sewatec pump features a flexible hydraulic design to meet a multitude of conditions. The pump offers superb reliability and lower maintenance costs, and it's easy on the environment, too.

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  5. London's Lee Tunnel

    London's Lee Tunnel_original

    KSB pumps will be installed as part of the largest wastewater project to date in the United Kingdom.

    KSB will supply four 52-ton wastewater pumps for the construction of the Lee Tunnel in London. Each of these pumps will feature an impeller measuring 2.2 meters in diameter. At this year's IFAT trade fair in Munich May 7-11, KSB will be showing one of these giant impellers as a special highlight at its booth 323/422 in hall A6.

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  6. KRT Efficiency Motors

    KRT Efficiency Motors_original

    KRT submersible pump line now features IE2-compliant high-efficiency motors up to 10HP in four and six poles that provide an extremely reliable and versatile dry and wet pump solution — with low energy loss.

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