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GIW Industries, Inc. was established as a small privately owned foundry and machine shop in 1891. By 1914 the company was supplying slurry pumps to the Florida phosphate industry. Over the years, GIW became known for its severe abrasive handling pumps and began a century of facility expansion and technology growth. In 1996 GIW became a full subsidiary of KSB and in 2014 the GIW® Minerals brand was established.

  1. 1960 - 1964: The Move to Grovetown, Georgia


    In 1960, Danforth W. Hagler conceived and designed the GIW Hydraulic Slide Rule. Before its invention, each engineer in the engineering department had a large, thick notebook with about 100 pages of graphs. The slide rule incorporated many hydraulic pump and pipeline formulas. One side of the slide rule contained engineering formulas involved with performance of a pump while the other side contained everything necessary for pipeline and production calculations. Today, a GIW slide rule resides in the Smithsonian in Washington DC.  At this time, the company was ripe for expansion and a site was found in Grovetown, GA. The Grovetown foundry was completed in 1964 and the machine shop in 1965.

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  2. 2014: Expansion & Growth


    Currently, GIW is undergoing a three year multi-million dollar expansion including a new foundry with large casting capacity and a new distribution center. This investment will secure KSB’s future in the growing global mining market.

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  3. 1996: A KSB Company


    In 1996 KSB purchased 100 percent ownership interest in the company. GIW continued to operate under the name “GIW Industries” until 2014 when its slurry products were officially rebranded as GIW ® Minerals. Today, the KSB company offers single-source solutions for both water and slurry pump customers worldwide. But its basic operating philosophy remains unchanged. GIW will continue to partner with its customers, solve problems that other manufacturers won’t even attempt, and stay ahead of the slurry curve.

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  4. 1891: Early Corporate History


    At GIW Industries, we are not only a slurry pump manufacturer; we are in the transportation business. We can move just about any material you specify and move it quickly and efficiently. Our pumps have been used to pump phosphate rock in Florida, tar sands in Canada and hundreds of different materials in between.

    As a subsidiary of
    KSB AGof Germany, a global pump and valve manufacturer, we have the infrastructure to supply worldwide. What this means to you is years of experience in pumps and hydraulics. When you've got a complicated problem to solve, there really is no substitute for that kind of history.

    Early Corportate History
    GIW Industries began as a small foundry and machine shop in Augusta, Ga., in 1891. In 1914, GIW began manufacturing spare parts for the solids-handling pumps for the Florida phosphate fields. Its first pump customer was International Agricultural Corp. of Mulberry, FL.. Today, the company is called IMC Fertilizer Company and is still a customer.

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  5. 1970 - 1979: Challenges and Growth


    In 1971, GIW became one of the first foundries in the U.S. to successfully convert to an 100 percent chemically bonded sand system. This tremendous technological advancement made it possible to remove the green sand system. Later, a decision was made to build the Thomson, GA., plants. Thomson Machine and Fabricators was completed in 1974, GIW Thomson Inc. in 1975 and the pattern shop and urethane plant in 1976.In 1976, the GIW Hydraulic Testing Laboratory was constructed to water performance test centrifugal slurry pumps. A year later, another addition allowed the company to test slurry with a means to measure slurry density, pipe friction and deposition velocity.  In 1977, GIW held its first "Transportation of Solids Using Centrifugal Pumps" course. It would become an annual event that is still ocurring.

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