Reverse Engineering

Spare parts service for any and all makes with quick deliveries and proven KSB-quality.

KSB spare parts service

Reverse Engineering is a rapid manufacturing process that enables the production of high-quality castings within a short time schedule. Once the original dimensions have been determined by means of scanning, optical imaging, computerised tomography or existing 2D drawings, it takes only a few days to convert all the surfaces and construct the complete 3D volume model. The resultant CAD record serves as the production basis for your spare partsmould. 

Product range: Shafts, shaft sleeves, casings, wear plates, impeller, diffusers, wear rings, discharge covers, bearing brackets, fan propellers, valve plate, spindles and many more. 

For a quick quotation we need thefollowing details of your required component:

  • Dimesions
  • Weight
  • Material


  • Benefits 
  • Shortened delivery times
  • High-quality replicas – at least as goodas the original 
  • Optional development and optimisationof design 
  • Optimal choice of material upgrades
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Colin Walton


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