KSB Service – Retrofit

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Our retrofit options help to achieve many important goals by running your plant more efficiently and thus reducing the operating running costs by improving the energy consumption. KSB Service can provide individual solutions to suit your application whether it is
a modification or retrofit. The options indicated below are not restricted to only KSB pumps and can be implemented in all applications – e. g. energy, industry, sewage or water

Retrofit options – see diagram:
1. Retrofit equipment for speed measurement
/ shaft position monitoring /
reverse rotation detection
2. Install permanent bearing temperature
monitoring instrumentation
3. Install an optimized hydraulic system /
blind stage
4. Install a balancing liquid flow meter
5. Retrofit an automatic degasser in the
mechanical seal circuit
6. Fit cellular surface wear rings
7. Use tensioning nuts
8. Monitor by means of thrust load
measuring ring

KSB Service Retrofit

■ Improved efficiency
■ Reduced maintenance costs
■ Improved operating availability and
■ Reduced energy consumption and costs

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