KSB are Pump Industry Awards Finalists

The Pump Industry Awards 2015 hope to encompass the full scope of success and innovation in the pump industry through their award ceremony and will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Heythrop Park, Oxfordshire on Thursday 10th March.

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KSB have been nominated in two categories:-

  • Technical Innovation of the Year Products
  • Manufacturer of the year

Technical Innovation of the Year Products


KSB Sonolyzer App

Why is this product innovative, what new technology does it include and what makes it different from other products? When was it launched?:

KSB Sonolyzer app was launched at ACHEMA 18-22ND Jun 2015 and is free to download for your smartphone or tablet. This unique app is the first that can “hear” energy saving potential from a pump unit. The KSB Sonolyzer is the fastest and simplest option on the market to identify energy saving potential by checking the operation of fixed speed pumps.

The interested pump user can enter a minimum amount of information into the app – no more than the flow, head, power and speed values indicated on the name plate –to determine the power input of the pump and estimate its operating range.

The app can be used on various makes and models of pumps and is available both for iOS and Android.

Please supply application details, particularly how it compares to other, similar or competitive products:

The KSB Sonolyzer adopts some of the same technology incorporated in the award winning PumpMeter, another innovative KSB pump monitoring product. The KSB Sonolyzer is unique to the market and there are currently no direct comparable competitor’s applications. The KSB Sonolyzer not only has the details stored of a huge range of KSB pump models, it also can be used with many other manufacturer’s pumps.

What function does this product perform? Where and when, was it installed and how is it used?:

The app determines the load at which a centrifugal pump driven by a fixed speed asynchronous motor is being operated.

All a user has to do in advance is select the pump model to be measured and enter into their mobile device the power rating, speed, head and flow rate given on the name plate. The camera on the mobile device can be used to take a photograph of the pump plate, and this automatically selects the model of pump to be measured.

By placing the microphone of your smartphone next to the motor for a few seconds, the KSB Sonolyzer measures the noise frequency of the asynchronous motor, and checks whether there are potential energy savings that can be made, thus enabling an increase in pump efficiency. The user is supplied with the pump performance curve, indicating where on the curve the pump is actually operating.

How has this products success been quantified and did it meet or exceed expectations? Why was it chosen, who are the clients and what do they do?:

There have been thousands of downloads of the KSB Sonolyzer app by pump users from various industries who can download the free app onto their iOS or Android phone/tablet. In many industries, pumps are carefully selected at design and tender stage to offer the best Whole Life Cycle Costs available, only for their future operation to take place without any monitoring. The Sonolyzer allows a quick, easy and free analysis of a pump’s operating performance.
The KSB Sonolyzer app allows the user to directly send by email the results of the test directly to KSB. The app determines the user’s location and sends it directly to their local KSB contact. The KSB contact can then determine if the user may benefit from the offer of a site visit to check the operation of the pump, or a System Efficiency Service (SES).
Anyone who has an interest in how efficiently their pump is running can potentially benefit from downloading the KSB Sonolyzer.

Manufacturer of the Year

Your nomination:


What technical expertise and experience is on offer and how does this differ from others? Please provide evidence of product knowledge and attention to customer needs/requirements. How clear is the communication?:

KSB is a leading innovative company and was recently voted as a top 10 company by Germany magazine ‘‘Focus money.’’ The publication cited several KSB products as indicative examples: the KSB SuPremE® IE4* motor, the SALINO® Pressure Center and KSB’s research in the area of materials technology.
One way in which KSB differentiates itself from competitors is clear brand positioning. KSB clearly communicate this innovation in technology through all marketing communication with the Brand Claim ‘’Our Technology. Your Success’.

In what ways is the manufacturing exceptional? How thorough is the installation and testing? What response is offered to any repairs, problems or customisation requirements?:

KSB have been continually investing in their manufacturing sites, KSB invested $75 million in the GIW Industries, Inc. site, of which $40 million will go to the new foundry. Opened by GIW already in April, the new facility has been fully operational since last summer and extends to about 4650 square metres. The production building of 22 metres ceiling height is particularly suitable to make components for the large slurry pumps manufactured at the site. The new foundry's capacity exceeds 9000 tons of castings per year, with some of the components weighing up to 20 tons.

Please supply evidence of customer/contractor satisfaction:

KSB Ltd has been established in the UK since 1896, Jacob Klein, younger brother of the founder of KSB AG established himself in Manchester, England as ‘Klein Engineering Ltd’ in 1896 at the request of his older brother to build a market within the UK for KSB manufactured goods. By 1923 ‘The KSB Manufacturing Co Ltd’ was formed. As a result KSB Ltd is well established within the UK and has developed long standing relationships with Water Authorities since their privatisation, distributors and authorised service partners across the UK.

Is there a customer service programme, and if so how affective is it? How flexible is it? Can it be modified?:

Customer satisfaction surveys are carried out to establish how the customer perceives the implementation and performance of their requirements. It is the most important quality assessment, which determines the success or failure of the products or services. The results are analysed to obtain new motivations for the further development of products and services.
KSB Ltd adapt to changing market requirements, looking beyond the current requirements of the market, analysing trends and adapts technologies. One example is our SALINO® Pressure Center, whose innovative design opens up new perspectives for economically producing drinking water from the sea.

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