Optimal solutions for municipal waste water treatment

KSB offers all-in solutions for waste water applications. State-of-the art sewage pumps, valves and systems provide for the smooth running of waste water treatment processes.

Waste_Water_transport_img Whether they are required in domestic applications, industrial estates, pumping stations or wastewater treatment works, KSB’s pump systems and concepts always provide optimal solutions.

KSB’s waste water engineering products are employed in the following applications:

  • Waste water/Sewage
  • Waste water
  • Sewage lifting units
  • Waste water lifting units
  • Stormwater
  • Stormwater lift stations 

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Waste water pump station with integrated solids separation system combining reliable service with excellent efficiency.

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Waste water pump station

KSB offers waste water pump stations for every waste water and sewage handling task. As main or intermediate pump stations, they deal with rainwater and domestic, industrial or municipal waste water.

Pump station Teaser to Waste water pump station

Pumped drainage system

KSB’s pumped drainage systems allow remote settlements to be reliably connected to the sewer system.

Pumped drainage system to Pumped drainage system

Amajet system for stormwater tank cleaning

The KSB Amajet system can be employed wherever tanks and storage sewers require cost-efficient cleaning.

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