KSB solutions for water supply – water is our element

KSB products handle water supply duties with quick, clean reliability. They can be used in all processes, from water transport to storage and water supply.

Range of Valves

In building services, KSB pumps, KSB valves and KSB systems are employed in the following water supply applications:

  • Pressure boosting
  • Water treatment
  • Water transport
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Drinking, raw and service water supply
  • Lowering and maintaining groundwater levels
  • Fire-fighting systems
  • Swimming pools

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Comeo Tea_original

Pressure booster pump Comeo

The compact centrifugal pump Comeo is ideal for pressure boosting applications in single and multiple dwellings

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The new Hya-Duo D FL Compact


The BoosterMat pressure booster system is particularly space-saving and practical

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Hya-Rain N rainwater harvesting system

KSB's Hya-Rain N rainwater harvesting system makes rainwater utilisation easy. The system's ...

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Filtra N circulation pump for swimming pool filtering systems

Filtra N recirculation pump for swimming pool filtering systems

The self-priming close-coupled pump type Filtra N from KSB is suitable for circulating swimming ...

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SISTO-16RGA diaphragm valve

SISTO drinking water valve

Drinking water installations have to comply with stringent hygiene requirements. KSB's SISTO ...

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