KSB Etanorm standardised water pump and PumpDrive Eco: a powerful, world-beating success

Progressive from the day it first appeared, Etanorm is the world’s most widely used standardised water pump. Combined with the new PumpDrive Eco variable speed system, it sets the standard for the entire industry.

Etanorm PumpDrive mit KSB SuPremE-Motor

Save more energy thanks to new PumpDrive Eco and improved hydraulic system

The KSB Etanorm pump is a classic that has stood the test of time over decades and has now been improved yet again: To make heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems even more efficient, KSB counts on a combination of the Etanorm standardised water pump and new PumpDrive Eco. This individual variable speed system matches the pump motor’s speed to demand - quickly, precisely and continuously. In addition, KSB has improved Etanorm’s hydraulic system so that up to 7000 kW/h can be saved each year. This not only lowers CO2 emissions, but also reduces the costs for system operators.

Our versatile classic pump: safe and reliable in operation

Etanorm has matured over the years to the extent that KSB customers can absolutely rely on the excellent properties of the pump that meets worldwide standards. Combined with the new PumpDrive Eco variable speed system, Etanorm speaks for itself with its safe and reliable operation, which is reflected in its smooth running and excellent suction characteristics. Etanorm with new PumpDrive Eco already exceeds international standards such as the requirements of the ErP Directive applicable from 2015.

Its versatility makes KSB’s Etanorm standardised water pump unique: It is available in different designs and materials as standard and is optimally adapted to a variety of applications. Due to its versatile and flexible use, Etanorm with new PumpDrive has become an institution in many industrial applications and in water supply, but also in power supply and building services.

The benefits of the Etanorm standardised water pump with new PumpDrive Eco at a glance

High energy efficiency
Improved energy efficiency thanks to the pump’s improved hydraulic system and the PumpDrive Eco variable speed system.

Compliance with international energy regulations
Thanks to improved efficiency, international requirements, such as those of the strict European ErP energy efficiency regulations of 2015, are already met.

Reduction of energy costs through automation
Variable speed operation and combining the pump with a high-efficiency motor can make for considerable energy savings which bring down operating costs.

High operating reliability
In millions of applications the pump has proven its worth with low vibration levels, smooth running, confined casing gasket and high reliability under external loads.

Great variety of materials so that the pump can be perfectly matched to the fluid handled. The impressive range of selection charts has been further extended by additional sizes to also suit small flow rates.

Easy to service
Short delivery times, straightforward pump assembly and dismantling.

Additional Information
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The new PumpDrive: Flexible speed control for top efficiency

Speed control is just the beginning, as PumpDrive comes with numerous functions that save even more on energy and ensure system availability.

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