All-in solutions for building services from KSB

KSB offers comprehensive know-how for economical all-in solutions. The wide range of KSB products includes pumps, valves and systems for building services.

KSB offers economically efficient all-in solutions for large and small-scale building services projects. They are used in applications such as:

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Smedegaard Ltd

On the 23rd December 2015, KSB Ltd acquired Smedegaard Ltd based at Bridgwater. The company has been established in the UK since 1983, and is known for manufacturing circulating pumps used in heating systems, booster sets and pressurisation units. The acquisition of Smedegaard Ltd has given KSB Ltd access to a wider scope of technology in the UK building services sector.

High-pressure pump, Movitec, Building Services

The new Movitec high-pressure pumps – an energy-efficient all-in solution

Standard-equipped with KSB's IE2 motor, the new generation of Movitec high-pressure pumps achieves a much higher level of energy efficiency.

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BOA-CVE control valve

BOA-CVE H control valve designed to easily and optimally regulate liquid flows

The BOA-CVE H control valve reliably regulates liquid flows in all industrial applications. A major benefit is that it can be put to use quickly and easily, for example in air-conditioning and heating systems.

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