Powerful, reliable and safe: KSB’s product range for sterile processes

In many situations, the protection of people and environment is of top priority. This is the case in life sciences applications, for example, where sensitive and aggressive fluids need to be handled. A domain where KSB’s pumps enjoy high reputation as they contribute to processes satisfying strictest operating reliability and hygienic requirements, while also making them economic and environmentally friendly. Anmimation

Pumps and valves for efficient processes.

KSB has further expanded its product range for life sciences applications. Our established products for handling active ingredients and peripheral installations are now joined by a wide choice of pumps for high-end applications. As a system supplier, we can also draw on comprehensive know-how and offer economic all-in solutions from a single source. All pumps can be fitted with automation equipment and are ideally matched to the system they are installed in. Adjusting the speed to the actual demand during the production process helps to decrease energy consumption and, thus, lower the operating costs.

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Membranventil SISTO-C

SISTO-C diaphragm valves spell safety

The perfect valve for hygienic and sterile applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Vita Teaser_original

Vita pumps range: high performance for high-end processes.

Vita pumps from KSB meet the stringent hygienic requirements applying to sterile processes, and conform to EHEDG criteria.

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