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Wind power plants must be profitable. Pumps, valves and service from KSB are ideally suited to wind power stations. KSB provides comprehensive support to consultants, engineering contractors and operators of wind farms. KSB-Windenergieanlagen

As one of the global market leaders for pumps, valves and systems, KSB is the ideal partner for consultants, engineering contractors and operators of wind power stations.

All KSBpumps and valves are specially selected and designed for the requirements of wind power plants. Applications of KSB’s products:

  • Cooling circuits
  • Fire-fighting systems
  • Pressure booster systems
  • Cleaning systems
  • Tank filling
  • Seawater desalination

KSB satisfies all the requirements to be met by products for wind power stations, from planning through production to installation, commissioning, start-up, maintenance and repair.


Onshore and offshore wind turbines

At an output of about two megawatts or more, the turbines in wind power stations are often cooled with a mixture of water and glycol. The heat is released into the environment via a heat exchanger.

Offshore wind turbines may alternatively be cooled with seawater. This places stringent requirements on the materials used in wind power plants. KSB pumps and valves are ideally suited to pumping seawater and also for use in cooling circuits and fire-fighting systems.

Windrad-Montage Offshore transformer platforms

In wind farms that are no more than 50 kilometres offshore, the electricity generated by the wind turbines is collected on offshore transformer platforms and transported onwards at high voltage. To avoid transport losses over long distances, the high voltage direct current (HVDC) method is used, in which the electricity is rectified and transferred at very high voltage.Several wind farms can be connected to these platforms.

KSB pumps and valves are suitable for use on platforms in cooling circuits, fire-fighting systems and cleaning systems, as well as for seawater extraction.


Jack-up vessels

More and more wind farms are being built at ever greater distances from the shore. This is also increasing the demand for jack-up vessels for the construction of turbines and platforms.

KSB pumps and valves are well suited for use in cooling circuits and fire-fighting systems, as well as for seawater extraction.

Onshore supply to the grid

Transformers serve to transform the electricity obtained in offshore wind power stations from direct current to alternating current.This is fed into the grid.

KSB pumps and valves are used in cooling systems and fire-fighting systems.

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