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Modern, market-geared pumps and valves have to be economical in the use of energy and to keep life cycle costs low. KSB specialists develop economically ideal solutions.

Ingenieurdienstleistungen In order to optimally meet customer requirements KSB’s experts for fluid dynamics, materials technology and automation constantly analyse the market requirements. 

They use the knowledge gained from developments in hydraulics technology in order to continuously improve flow passages and thus reduce the energy consumption of our pumps and valves. To achieve this, KSB uses computer-based simulation methods which provide detailed information on the flow patterns in a pump.

Innovative materials technology reduces life cycle costs

KSB places great importance on high-quality materials. In order to continuously improve the quality of materials, KSB specialists cooperate with research institutes and universities. State-of-the-art chemical analyses as well as metallographic and mechanical examinations help KSB develop new materials and technologies.

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Erving Lee


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