Training program

We offer a variation of specialize training, both at our facility or at your location of choice.

Technical Seminar Program Series 

(include practical training at KSB service workshop)

Centrifugal pumps and system engineering
GS 01/02 Selecting centrifugal pumps, operating pumping station
GS 03 Shaft seals in centrifugal pumps 
GS 04 Vibrations and noises in pumps and systems
GS 05Materials and corrosion
GS 06Energy efficiency in pumping’s hydraulic systems                     
GS 09Surge pressure in pumping stations 
                Pumps in industry, water and waste water engineering
IS 01        Pumps know-how for waste water transport and engineering   
IS 02 Pumps know-how for process engineering
IS 04 Pumps know-how for industrial engineering

Online Seminar Program Series

                Pumps’ Operational Availability & Reliability                        
RS 01Safe and Reliable Operation of Pump System
RS 02Ten Frequent Failure Modes & Effects Analysis
RS 03Integrated Digitalization KSB TPM
RS 04Standardized Erection, Installation from ETNY to HG
RS 05 FluidFuture: SES - Life Cycle Cost Optimization
                Centrifugal Pump Engineering Service
PS 01Mechanical Seal Operation
PS 02KSB Retrofitting Material for Corrosion & Erosion
PS 03In Situ Performance Test, Grades & Tolerance Acceptance      
PS 04Hydraulic Institute Standard - Pump Intake Design
PS 05Fluid Future: PumpMeter & PumpDrive II
PS 06Mechanical Seal Root Cause Failure Analysis
PS 07PMI Material Analysis and Certification
PS 08Reverse Engineering Workflow Process
PS 09Pump’s Protecting Sensors and Monitoring Amacontrol III
PS 10KSB Guards – Installation & Operation Case Studies

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Not yet found the right one? Talk to us. We can provide a tailor-made course for you!

We would be happy to design a tailor-made training course for you on any qualification topic: subject-specific, department-specific, project-oriented or cross-departmental.

We can create a course to match your personal requirements at a location to suit you and make all the necessary arrangements to ensure it runs smoothly.

Options for training method and location:

  • We can conduct a training course for you at your site
  • We can arrange training at a suitable conference hotel
  • We can invite you to one of our training centers in Bangkok or Rayong on the east coast of Thailand
  • We can connect you to KSB training facilities in other regions if required
  • Virtual streaming classroom with an up-to-date IT infrastructure for theoretical training
  • Augmented Reality Service (ARS): Technology for practical training at your site to meet needs-based demand in today’s difficult situation
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