KSB Guard

Comprehensive monitoring of your pumps
On the one hand, a system should run smoothly. On the other, you want to minimise the outlay for inspecting and maintaining your system. With KSB Guard, both are possible! For the first time, we offer you the ability to gain an overview of the data on all of your pumps without having to be physically on site.

Reliable - KSB Guard monitors the status of your pumps hourly and notifies you immediately of any deviations. This allows you to fix problems before more substantial damage occurs.

Quick - KSB Guard saves resources starting with the installation, as the sensor unit is easy to install and pumps are quickly registered.

Straightforward - Specific status data helps you plan maintenance intervals. You also know sooner what to expect when performing maintenance work.

KSB Guard

Access any time, anywhere
A busy schedule can make you pressed for time, and necessary inspections create additional stress. This is where KSB Guard comes in, by minimizing the need to be physically present on-site to check the pumps. You can check the relevant status data at any location whenever it is convenient for you. But that’s not all! Whenever maintenance is required, you can also quickly and conveniently access all your pump data.

KSB Guard gives you access to:

  • Pump documents such as operating manuals and exploded views
  • Dynamic data updated hourly: Load conditions (for fixed speed pumps), vibrations and temperatures
  • Chronological progressions of RMS values and temperatures
  • Load profiles (for fixed speed pumps)

KSB Guard web application

Detect changes early on to avoid malfunctions

If the failure of a pump compromises operation, maintenance is often scheduled at too short intervals, rather than longer ones. The problem with this approach, however, is that it takes
resources as well as time. KSB Guard helps you resolve the problem with the anomaly detector, which measures vibration and temperature values hourly, records trends and warns you
when preset or manually set limit values are exceeded. When it comes to vibrations, the mean vibration velocity, or RMS value, is analysed. The anomaly detector also notifies you when the
bearing needs to be re-lubricated or replaced.

  • Reports excessively high RMS values and incorrect temperatures as a warning or alarm
  • Reminds you (if necessary) to lubricate or replace bearings
  • Sends warnings and alarms as e-mails or push messages if so desired

KSB Guard notification

Plan maintenance efficiently

KSB Guard allows you to plan for maintenance jobs based on specific measurement data. This, in turn, allows you to use your resources where they really are required. Documenting and tracking work on a pump takes just a few clicks, thereby preparing the ground for the next maintenance routine.

  • Helps avoid unnecessary maintenance
  • Improves availability as irregularities are detected
  • Documents previous work to facilitate future inspections

Ready for operation in a few steps
KSB Guard is designed to help you out. Right from the start. This is why we ensure that the installation is quick and easy and works for all pumps, regardless of their make. The sensor unit is not invasive, so that you can work during active operation. Simply attach the unit to the pump by magnet and industrial adhesive. As the system is battery powered, you do not need to
route any additional cables or wires. All measurement data is transferred at the touch of a button. New pumps are then simply added using the app or computer. You can change the settings directly online, such as the threshold from which you want to receive warnings.

  • Installation during active operation possible
  • No additional cables or wires necessary
  • Manufacturer-neutral
  • Simply add pumps online
KSB Guard

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Keep an eye on all of your pumps’ data without the need to be on site.

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