The new generation of Movitec high-pressure pumps with improved overall energy efficiency

The new generation of Movitec pumps has been designed to offer a substantial improvement in energy efficiency. An optimised hydraulic system, the standard use of IE2 motors and the PumpDrive variable speed system contribute to the energy-efficient operation of this pump.

High-pressure pump, Movitec, Building Services Movitec – the new generation of our proven high-pressure pump series The high energy efficiency of Movitec high-pressure pumps is made possible by their improved hydraulic system, the highly efficient IE2 motor from KSB and the PumpDrive speed control system.

Optimised design of hydraulic system and pump foot

  • Significantly higher level of efficiency at best efficiency point
  • Broader efficiency curves
  • Markedly lower NPSH values for dependable pump operation and a high level of operating reliability.

Benefits of the IE2 motor (previously: EFF1 motor)

  • Particularly high efficiency
  • Energy savings of up to 3.5 per cent
  • Fitted as a standard and at no extra price

PumpDrive variable speed system

  • Motor speed – and thus the flow rate and head of the pumps - are precisely adjusted to match current demand
  • Particularly recommended for fluctuating flow requirements and varying intake pressures
  • Energy savings of up to 60 per cent
  • Efficient processes within the system
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