SES System Effizienz Service® – for energy-efficient systems operation

Pumps not optimally matched to the system lead to high energy consumption. On the basis of comprehensive system analyses, KSB identifies potential savings through its SES (System Efficiency Service).

Plant operators can get a detailed overview of their pump systems and, based on this, optimise energy consumption. This saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions at the same time.

SES System Efficiency Services - Data logger Energy efficiency analyses performed by KSB are suitable most of all for pump systems used in the following fields of application:

  • Energy 
  • Industry
  • Water
  • Waste water

This is how the System Efficiency Service works

A data logger takes measurements on site and records process measurement variables and vibration values to determine the operating behaviour. Additional power measurement in the control cabinet by means of a mobile measurement device serves to identify the pump’s effective power, irrespective of its place of installation. In this way, KSB determines the actual load profile of the pumps, and compares the same with the design conditions. This is aimed at revealing potential savings and causes of any damage. The outcome of the system analysis is taken as the basis for suggesting optimisation measures to KSB customers

Measured variables and measuring ranges:
Pressure-1 to 250 bar
Temperatureup to 370 °C
Frequency50 - 60 Hz
Powerup to 3.500 kW
Vibrationsstatic and dynamic 
Ultrasonic flow measurementup to DN 1,000
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