Engineering services - perfect upgrades for your pump

Opportunities to enhance the profitability and reliability of existing pumps and systems arise throughout their service lives as a result of modified processes, new legal stipulations, design improvements and materials developments.

KSB engineering services provide a comprehensive range of solutions for tackling these evolving requirements, whether they involve products from KSB or other manufacturers.

After extensive recording and assessment of the operator’s requirements, we analyse the current conditions. Aspects such as technical feasibility, integrating existing components or selecting an optimum time frame for retrofitting are considered alongside the payback period.

Tailor-made repairs and modifications: solutions at a glance:

  • Materials upgrades
  • Hydraulic modifications
  • Mechanical optimisation

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Case study:
Tailor-made special hydraulic system to match new level of demand

Starting point:

A drinking water pumping station had to reduce the amount of water it supplied due to falling demand. The station’s volute casing pump produced by a competitor was originally designed to handle large flow rates. It was therefore unsuitable for pumping smaller amounts of water as this would have resulted in increased vibrations due to cavitation. The existing hydraulic system was not designed for low-flow operation and matching the operating point to the current demand by reducing the impeller diameter would not have solved the cavitation problem or fulfilled the required level of efficiency (90 %). As the pumps in KSB’s current pump portfolio did not fit the existing pipe connections or the foundation, buying a new pump was not an option due to the additional costs entailed by the necessary structural changes.


KSB developed and manufactured an optimised high-efficiency hydraulic system featuring a double-entry impeller and diffuser individually tailored to the new requirements. It was installed in the pump during repair work. We chose a pre-existing KSB-designed hydraulic system that was adapted to the installation conditions to provide the optimum solution. The main dimensions of the rotor and volute casing remained unchanged. The new performance characteristics could be predicted with great precision based on previous experience and measurement results.

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Performance tests in the system confirmed the new operating data and revealed that the target of 90 % efficiency had been achieved. As a result, drinking water supply during the hot summer months was reliable and economical for the operator.

Technische Daten im Überblick:

Technical DataBefore After
Head in m168150
Flow rate in m310,4407,500
Efficiency [%]9090

Additional Information

Waste water pump materials

Wear-resistant materials such as cast iron, stainless steel (duplex steel) and white cast iron provide optimum protection for industrial waste water pumps and ensure trouble-free operation.

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