The success story of KSB Pumps Co., Ltd. – facts and technical milestones

KSB Pumps Co., Ltd. never slows down and thus stands for continuous innovation with tradition being key. From the beginnings to the latest product: achievements and highlights of KSB Pumps Co., Ltd. at a glance. 

  1. ISO Certification

    ISO Certification_img

    KSB Pumps Co., Ltd. has been certified for the three standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Quality, Enrionment and Safety are now a part of the integrated management.

  2. Rayong branch opens

    Rayong branch opens_img
  3. All KSB staffs bringing together

  4. 2,000 products!

    2,000 products_img

    Throughout the year 1993, KSB Pumps Co., Ltd. manufactures 1,000 pieces of both Mega pumps and Isoria valve!

    KSB Pumps Co., Ltd. becomes one the reference in pumps and valves Thai market.

  5. Grand Opening Suwinthawong factory

    Grand Opening Suwinthawong factory_img

    The new manufacturing facility located in Suwinthawong road (Nongjok district) is opened at the end of 1992.
    This new factory - more than 2,000 m2 - enables to machine and assembly the most popular pumps and valves. KSB Pumps Co., Ltd. is now able to deliver customers Ex-Work and therefore fulfill their delivery time requirements.

  6. Warehouse in Bangna

    A warehouse is rent in Bangna Trat road to increase capabilities awaiting for bigger manufacturing facilities.

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