KSB Pumps Co., Ltd. at a glance !

Since 1991, KSB is representated in Thailand by KSB Pumps Co., Ltd. More than 115 highly qualified employees commit to the goals and targets of the global KSB Group by offering excellent service and first-class consultancy.

KSB Pumps Co., Ltd. specialises in pumps, valves and related systems. We aim to offer each customer tailored solutions and to be a trusted regional partner who can be reached easily and quickly. Regardless of the task: KSB Pumps Co., Ltd. attached great importance to sustainability and environmental awareness. In addition, ISO certificates awarded to us are a proof of our stringent quality standards.


Introducing KSB in Thailand

Excellent service and first-class consultancy – this is KSB Pumps Co., Ltd. in Thailand. KSB Pumps Co., Ltd. specialises in pumps and valves for all applications.

Profile to Introducing KSB in Thailand

KSB Pumps Co., Ltd.’s success story

From the beginnings to the latest product: achievements and highlights of KSB Pumps Co., Ltd. at a glance. 

Corporate History to KSB Pumps Co., Ltd.’s success story

ISO Certificates

KSB always works in compliance with the latest standards, in all areas worldwide.

Quality and Certificates to ISO Certificates

KSB Group

With sales revenue running to about 2.2 billion euros, the KSB Group is one of the leading suppliers of pumps, valves and systems. Worldwide, KSB employs more than 16,000 people – all committed to providing excellent service and the highest product quality.

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