The Amajet system – effective stormwater tank cleaning

KSB’s Amajet system can be employed wherever tanks and storage sewers require cost-efficient cleaning. 

Stormwater_retention_tank_img Stormwater retention tank underneath the "Berliner Bogen” office building in Hamburg   Stormwater, waste water and mixed water to be recycled are collected in special tanks and transported to the waste water treatment plant. With Amajet KSB offers an effective tank cleaning system.


  • Stormwater tanks
  • Storage sewers
  • Pumping stations

The optimum solution for tank cleaning

The Amajet system ensures long-term, reliable tank cleaning – irrespective of the stormwater tank’s geometry:

The following products take care of tank cleaning:

  • Amajet
  • SewerAmajet
  • SwingAmajet
  • MultiAmajet.

SwingAmajet SwingAmajet

This is how the Amajet stormwater tank cleaning system works

The Amajet system draws in waste water from the deepest point in the stormwater tank, mixes it with air in the injector and then discharges it at high speed in a horizontal jet across the tank floor.

This helps to prevent the accumulation of deposits or any other residual matter:

  • The combined effect of the water jet and the fine air bubbles injected generates a powerful flow throughout the tank.
  • Solids are kept in suspension and prevented from depositing on the tank floor.
  • When the tank is drained the solids are discharged with the water

Amajet Amajet Saving energy with the Amajet system

Intermittent operation makes the stormwater tank cleaning system particularly energy-efficient. This mode is used when the fill level in the tank exceeds one metre. If the water level drops below one metre, the system switches to basic cleaning mode (continuous operation).

Service for the Amajet system

KSB is with the customer throughout the project period – from the planning phase to the commissioning of the Amajet system and provides comprehensive support:

  • Planning
  • Supply of cleaning systems, control and pump stations
  • Assembly

For more information on KSB’s Amajet stormwater tank cleaning system visit our Product Catalogue or click the download links on the right.