KSB’s pumped drainage system for straightforward connection to the sewer system.

KSB’s pumped drainage systems allow remote settlements to be connected to the sewer system. Amarex submersible motor pumps or dry-installed Sewatec pumps are used for waste water transport.

Pumped_drainage_system_img KSB‘s pumped drainage system used for connection to the sewer system comprises:

  • Pump stations equipped with submersible motor pumps or with dry-installed pumps combined with a solids separation system
  • Compressed-air purging
  • Discharge piping
  • Valves
  • Switchgear and control units

This is how pumped drainage works:

The system is used to connect an entire housing estate with its own ready-to-connect pumping stations to the local sewer system by means of a common discharge pipe. The pumped drainage system is also suitable for use with individual buildings located outside housing estates.

Waste water transport using the Amarex submersible motor pump

The Amarex submersible motor pump conveys the waste water within the system.

The  Amarex features:

  • Different impeller types allowing the pump to be tailored to meet all application requirements
  • A cutter recommended for fluids containing coarse substances and long fibres

Benefits of the KSB pumped drainage system

Easy to install

  • Straightforward installation without costly sewer work or intermediate pumping stations
  • Small-sized pipes which can be laid in all terrains
  • No need for costly sewer work or intermediate pumping stations

Dependable project planning

  • Planning and design of discharge piping and compressed-air purging systems
  • Supply and installation of ready-to-connect pump stations

Reliable operation

  • The correct arrangement and control of compressed-air purging equipment in the piping system reduces corrosion damage resulting from waste water in the process of digestion.

Service for the pumped drainage system

KSB service includes:

  • Planning
  • Design of an interconnected system comprising pump stations, compressed-air purging equipment and discharge piping
  • Supply
  • Installation and commissioning of ready-to-connect pump stations

For more information on KSB pumped drainage systems visit our Product Catalogue.

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