Waste water pump stations from KSB – a reliable solution for any transport job

KSB offers reliable waste water pump stations for all pumping tasks. As main or intermediate pumping stations, they deal with stormwater and domestic, industrial or municipal waste water and sewage.

Pump_station_img KSB waste water pump stations are used in locations where gravity drainage or transport is neither possible nor economical.

KSB provides different pump types for a wide range of waste water transport requirements:

Submersible motor pumps

  • are used if operating conditions allow.
  • are a cost-efficient package solution.

Dry-installed volute casing pumps

  • are the best choice when access to the pump station is required for maintenance purposes.
  • are well-suited for collecting pumping stations. Because of their central position, it is essential that they can be easily accessed. This makes it easier to inspect and service them and also to react quickly in the event of failures. 
Pumpstation trocken drauf pic
Pump station with dry-installed pumps, top view
Pumpstation trocken seite pic
Pump station with submersible pumps, lateral view
Modulare Pumpstaion nass
Pump station with submersible pumps, lateral view
Mudalare Pumpstation nass vorne
Pump station with submersible pumps, front view
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