The cycle of solutions: water technology by KSB

Whether in Sydney, London, Singapore or St. Petersburg, as your one-stop supplier KSB is on hand to offer efficient and sustainable water engineering solutions worldwide. With a wide range of pumps, valves and services, KSB covers all stages of the water cycle: from water extraction to water treatment, water transport and drainage, right through to waste water transport and treatment.

Fresh, clean water every day – a matter of course for us. But providing drinking water and conserving this essential resource represent a major challenge for water technology.

KSB offers efficient and sustainable solutions for water treatment and drinking water supply as well as for waste water treatment. Innovative KSB pumps and valves are being used for your benefit around the world.

Find out how KSB masters challenges in water and waste water around the globe and take a look behind the scenes.

  1. Water extraction
  2. Water treatment
  3. Water transport

Drinking water for the Big Apple 

New York – a city with millions of inhabitants that need to be supplied with clean drinking water every day. More than half of New York’s drinking water is conveyed to the city via the Rondout-West Branch Tunnel of the Delaware Aqueduct – a 71 kilometre-long tunnel which supplies up to 37 cubic metres of drinking water per second via a natural incline. KSB reference, Water extraction, UPA New York relies entirely on KSB’s expertise

To enable the tunnel to be pumped empty for repairs as quickly as possible, KSB supplied especially powerful single-entry submersible borehole pumps. The output of each pump is around 2,000 cubic metres an hour at a maximum rated head of 320 metres.

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KSB provides drinking water for Singapore

The SingSpring seawater desalination plant in Singapore is one of the biggest desalination facilities in Asia. It produces 136,000 cubic metres of drinking water a day, covering ten percent of the island state’s water demand.

KSB reference, Water treatment, Salino Pressure Center City-state of Singapore – the smallest country in South East Asia desalinates seawater with KSB

As an established specialist for desalination, KSB was able to supply Singapore with numerous high-pressure feed pumps, filtered water pumps, booster pumps and intake pumps. Four pumps from the KRT K range, each capable of handling up to 5,000 cubic metres per hour, pump fresh seawater into the plant’s prefiltration system. 10 variable speed Omega pumps transport the prefiltered seawater to a total of 10 HGM®-RO pumps; with a rating of 1,170 kilowatts each, these high-pressure units transport 708 cubic metres of seawater per hour.

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Sydney pumps drinking water with KSB pumps

The biggest city in Australia obtains part of its drinking water from the Nepean Dam, which is located some 100 km south-west of Sydney and its several million inhabitants. For transporting the water, Sydney relies entirely on water technology from KSB. Three high-efficiency KSB pumps of the RDLO series extract raw water at the lowest point of the dam and transport it to a filtration plant. It is then treated and pumped to the city via a network of pipelines.

KSB reference, Water transport, RDLO 100 km of drinking water transport: KSB supplies Sydney

KSB offers a wide selection of powerful pump ranges that guarantee not only maximum availability and operating reliability, but also outstanding efficiencies and low maintenance costs.

  1. Drainage
  2. Waste water transport
  3. Waste water treatment

Protecting a World Heritage Site

Berlin’s Pergamon Museum is one of the most important museums in Germany. In the cellars of this historic building, waste water is handled by an AmaDS³ pump station with solids separation system from KSB. This waste water pump station is especially dependable, ensuring reliable operation thanks to upstream separation systems which protect its pumps against clogging from solids. KSB Referenz, Entwässerung, AmaDS3 The Pergamon Museum on Berlin’s Museum Island

KSB products ensure reliable drainage of houses, public buildings and industrial facilities all over the world. Whether it’s rainwater, groundwater from drainage systems or highly solids-laden waste water that needs to be transported, KSB has the right products for the job.

Europe’s deepest waste water pumping station

In St. Petersburg, Russia, a major waste water project has been under way since 2005. The aim is to conserve water resources and to protect the Baltic Sea against the discharge of untreated waste water. This is where Europe’s currently deepest waste water pumping station is located, reaching down to a depth of 92 metres. Here, pumps from KSB handle the rainwater and waste water that collect from a twelve kilometre-long tunnel system. An average of around 600,000 cubic metres of waste water is pumped into a channel from which it flows by gravity to the waste water treatment plant. The bulk of the work is carried out by 12 dry-installed pumps from the Amarex® KRT K 400-710 submersible motor pump range.

KSB Referenz, Abwassertransport, Amarex KRT St. Petersburg, das frühere Leningrad – die zweitgrößte Stadt Russlands.
From municipalities and cities to industrial companies, individual buildings and private households, KSB provides comprehensive solutions for waste water transport. Whether performing surface drainage or transporting aggressive waste water, KSB offers a broad range of equipment for waste water transport, pumping stations and sewage treatment plants.

Take a look for yourself at KSB’s complete product portfolio for waste water transport.

Shanghai takes it to the next level

The Bailonggang waste water treatment plant is the biggest in Asia. A third of the waste water produced in the city is treated here. Every day, over two million cubic metres of waste water flow through the plant.

KSB reference, Waste water treatment, Amacan Shanghai –  a Metropolis with state-of-the-art waste water equipment from KSB.
KSB offers a comprehensive portfolio of pumps for tackling all waste water treatment tasks. You’ll find not only classic waste water pumps, but also sludge pumps, propulsive jet pumps for stormwater tank cleaning, and clean and hot water pumps for general use. For the treatment plant in Shanghai KSB supplied:

  • 241 Amacan submersible motor pumps
  • 65 KRT and Amarex® N submersible motor pumps 
  • 6 dry-installed SPN waste water pumps 

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