KSB maintenance inspection management – one-stop coordination

KSB Service offers a variety of maintenance inspection management services for power stations and other industrial plants such as refineries or steam crackers. Specialists inspect and repair pumps sets even within the shortest of downtimes.

Maintenance inspection of valves KSB Service specialists check the proper functioning of pumps, valves and other rotating equipment, and arrange for quick repair if necessary – on request, at fixed prices. Accurate planning and preparation ensure that KSB Service’s maintenance inspections run successfully.

KSB’s maintenance inspection management includes

  • Standard overhaul of pumps, valves and other rotating equipment of all makes, including manpower and logistics, tools and special machinery
  • Provision of standard wear parts, gaskets and packings
  • Machining based on diagnosis, and retrofitting

Benefits of KSB’s maintenance inspection management

  • Services organised by a single provider
  • Specialists with many years of experience and manufacturer know-how ensure safety and reliability
  • Flexibility when additional staff is needed at short notice
  • Warehousing of spare parts no longer necessary
  • Predictable costs thanks to fixed prices
  • Transparency through history files kept for all pumps and valves
  • Findings for optimisation are considered during following maintenance inspections
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