Dredging with wear-resistant slurry pumps by GIW Industries

GIW Industries, a US subsidiary of the KSB Group, manufactures wear-resistant slurry pumps for dredging applications. They are known for their outstanding efficiency and reliability.

Pump for a hopper dredger in the test bay Pump for an offshore hopper dredger in GIW’s test bay KSB pumps are used on dredgers as:

  • Submersible dredge pumps 
  • Dry-installed dredge pumps on board vessels 
  • Submersible or dry-installed water jet pumps 
  • Bilge-water pumps 
  • Barrier-water pumps 
  • Waste water pumps/drainage pumps 
  • Pumps supplying drinking water 
  • Fuel pumps 
  • Heat transfer fluid pumps/hot water pumps
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