KSB – your reliable partner in the chemical industry

Operating reliability is all important in the chemical industry. To make sure also aggressive fluids are transported safely KSB meets the toughest quality requirements and draws on its unique materials expertise for manufacturing pumps and valves.

Chemical industry, aggressive fluids, operating reliability KSB’s pumps and valves contribute to reliability and progress

The KSB brand stands for top quality. Its products ensure smooth production processes, thus contributing to reliability and progress in the chemical industry.  

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Efficient and versatile: MegaCPK is a particularly powerful standardised pump destined for the chemical and petrochemical industries.

MegaCPK with PumpDrive and PumpMeter

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Reliable and absolutely tight: Isoria is the ideal shut-off and control valve for all industrial applications. The maintenance-free, robust butterfly valve is marketed under KSB’s AMRI brand.

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Secochem Ex K

Wear-resistant and energy-saving: The Secochem Ex K canned motor pump makes sure zero leakage occurs when pumping fluids. It is designed for temperatures from -40 °C to +400 °C.

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BOA-H Glove valve


Maintenance-free and reliable: The unique design of the BOA H shut-off valve keeps heat losses to a minimum and ensures optimum energy efficiency.

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The chemistry is right with KSB

The safe solution for chemical fluids. And for people and the environment.

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