Versatile KSB solutions for all industrial processes

The KSB product range covers almost the entire requirements of industrial processes. KSB’s industrial valves and industrial pumps are versatile and ensure reliable operation.

They can be found in the chemical and petrochemical industries, in shipbuilding, the steel industry, in heat transfer and cooling circuits, in the pharmaceutical industry and in numerous other industrial processes: KSB’s industrial pumps and industrial valves suit a large variety of applications.

Industrial pumps made by KSB

KSB’s portfolio ranges from standard pumps to engineered products. The product range is rounded off by the canned motor pumps of Nikkiso-KSB GmbH. KSB places great importance on providing energy-efficient solutions, supported by automation products.

Industrial valves made by KSB

KSB responds to complex industrial requirements with a comprehensive valve range: from gate, globe and ball valves to AMRI shut-off butterfly valves.

Applications of KSB’s products

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