FluidFuture® - Energy Efficiency by KSB

Energy: we spend all ours to save lots of yours.

FluidFuture® is our comprehensive energy efficiency concept for your entire hydraulic system. Its aim is to optimise your plant’s overall efficiency. To make that reality, we’ve developed five interlocking modules. Together they enable us to identify and achieve savings right through the life cycle of your pumps and valves

Energy Efficiency by KSB.

Find out how valuable Fluid Future is for your company!


System Analysis

Our experts analyse your system and show where you can save energy - with SES System Efficiency Services® or PumpMeter



Your KSB partner or KSB EasySelect® will help you find exactly the right pumps and valves.


High-Efficiency Hydraulic Components

Save energy with high efficient hydraulics made by KSB.


High-Efficiency Drives

High-efficiency motors like our innovative KSB SuPremE® motors or our reliable submersible IE3 motors contribute decisively to high overall efficiencies of pump systems.


Demand-Driven Operation

Optimised control systems like PumpDrive continuously match pump output to system requirements

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KSB Digital Industry

Systems are becoming more flexible, more efficient and more reliable in their operation – with KSB and the intelligent use of information technology. Place your trust in smart pump sets from KSB and benefit from tomorrow's technology today.

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FluidFuture® by KSB - enhance your systems' overall efficiency

We spend all ours to save lots of yours. FluidFuture® analyses the system and identifies savings potential – for more energy efficiency and less costs.

FluidFuture to FluidFuture® by KSB - enhance your systems' overall efficiency