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Cu un rulaj de peste 2200 milioane de euro, Grupul KSB este unul dintre cei mai importanţi furnizori de pompe, vane şi sisteme. La nivel mondial, KSB are peste 16.000 de angajaţi; toate acestea pentru a furniza servicii excelente şi produse de cea mai înaltă calitate.

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Innovative products and business ideas are the result of global research and development by the KSB Group. KSB’s strengths lie in hydraulic engineering, materials technology and automation.

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KSB purchases production material, capital goods and C parts worldwide for all production sites and sales units, working closely with selected suppliers.

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Group history

The KSB success story begins in 1871 with a small firm in Frankenthal. Today, the company is a global player. A brief history of KSB AG.

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Corporate governance

Responsible corporate governance and controlling rank highly at KSB. For this reason, KSB's principles of corporate goverance are based on the German Corporate Governance Code.

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Investor relations

KSB has been trading as a public company since 1887 and has been listed at the stock exchange since 1895. Some important information on KSB shares.

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Strategy, organisation, corporate culture

KSB has clear objectives:to achieve sustainable, profitable growth and be a leading supplier of pumps, valves and systems in attractive markets. KSB's strategy and its implementation.

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