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Service software for automation products
PACTware is a vendor and field bus neutral software solution for the operation of devices in the field, which is also used by KSB as a standard service tool for automation products.

Drivers (or DTMs = Device Type Managers) for field devices from different manufacturers can be loaded into the service tool and are then available for selection in an electronic hardware catalogue.

Hardware requirements
Parameters can be set using a laptop, for example, which is connected to the field device via the RS232 interface. PACTware requires at least 100 Mbytes of hard disk space and 50 Mbytes of main memory. We recommend using a computer equipped with a Pentium III 400 MHz processor or higher, XGA graphics and a Microsoft-compatible mouse or equivalent pointing device.

For laptops not equipped with an RS232 interface, a USB to RS 232 converter can be used. When connected to a USB2.0 interface, this converter provides an RS232 connection once the relevant driver has been installed.

Recommendation for data converter USB to RS232:

Option 1: Manufacturer spectra, www.spectra.de
Type: USB 2.0 to RS-232 converter, Art. No. 112315

Option 2: Manufacturer Digitus, www.digitus.info
Type: USB 2.0 to serial converter, Art. No. DA – 70146

The authorisation to allow parameters to be changed at the "Service" access level can be provided with the aid of an optional dongle. To prevent untrained personnel from altering the parameter settings on the devices, KSB uses dongles supplied by Wibu-Key, which are connected to the USB interface. software_connection_image Connection between parameterisation device (laptop) and terminal device via USB2.0 to RS 232 converter

Service software package for automation
Software Release 1.8 contains a range of features including the current setup, DTM and PACTware software for PumpDrive Version 1.8.1, LevelControl Advanced Version 1.2, LevelControl Basic 2 Version 1.0, LevelControl for lifting unit Version 1.0 and BoosterControl Basic + Advanced Version 1.2. Up-to-date DTMs are always available on this page for downloading.

Service software package for automation for use by service partners and customer service engineers, comprising a CD with instructions, parameterisation cable (RS232 – MiniUSB) and dongle for authorisation
Identification number: 47121210

Service software package for automation, customer version comprising a CD with instructions and parameterisation cable (RS232 - MiniUSB)
Identification number: 47121211

Dongle for authorisation (as accessory without software)
Identification number: 47121256

Parameterisation cable (RS232)
Identification number: 47117698

USB2.0 to RS 232 converter
Identification number: 01111255

PumpDrive R

For parameterisation of the PumpDrive R the Danfoss software “MCT 10 Basic” in the variant for application with the Danfoss FC 202 series can be used: MCT 10 
Release key (KSB-CD-Key): 12320200

Setup files for field bus modules
The setup of the field bus modules of PumpDrive R is done with the corresponding files used for the Danfoss FC202 series: Setup files field bus modules

PumpMeter for Etaline Z PumpDrive 2 / PumpDrive 2 Eco

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