CK 800 ready-to-connect packaged pump station – high-quality materials, easy installation

The main benefit of KSB's CK 800 pump station is its versatility: It can be used as a durable and reliable waste water pump station in the redevelopment of premises and for waste water disposal and pumped drainage.

Ready-to-connect CK 800 pump station with control unit Ready-to-connect CK 800 pump station with control unit

The single-pump or dual-pump CK 800 pump station is equipped with a plastic collecting tank and a variety of tank covers for vehicle load classes A, B and D. This gives customers a free choice of installation positions in trafficable areas.

Fields of applications: drainage, redevelopment, disposal

  • Waste water disposal from buildings and premises below flood level
  • Redevelopment of premises
  • Disposal of waste water in private, commercial, industrial, and municipal sectors
  • Joint sewage disposal for several houses or apartments (e.g. terraced houses)
  • Pumped drainage, also retrofittable to solve drainage and backflow problems in old buildings

Benefits of the CK 800 pump station

Pump control is based on hydrostatic pressure measurement (pneumatic or bubbler control). The pump station is factory-automated with the LevelControl Basic 2 control unit, which displays all major parameters and measured values. All components installed in the pump station are made of corrosion-resistant materials.

Easy to install
The waste water pump is easy to install and remove thanks to an attachment device which allows it to settle at its centre of gravity. The tank also offers a large variety of inlet connection options.

Visual monitoring of the above-water coupling is possible; connection for hand diaphragm pump allows emergency drainage.

Low installation costs
The ready-to-connect tank measures only 800 mm in inside diameter. Its light weight makes it easy to install and helps save installation costs.

The tank height can be extended continuously from 1.82 to 2.7 metres.

Anti-lift protection as a standard
The maximum installation depth of the tank is 2.7 metres.

Reliable operation
Deposits are prevented by the lens-shaped tank bottom. The inclined installation position of the sewage pump prevents the formation of floating sludge.

Simplified planning
The pump station comes with a uniform tank for all cutter pumps.

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