Ama-Drainer N – submersible pump for top performance

Ama-Drainer N is part of KSB's latest generation of submersible pumps. The state-of-the-art waste water pump is designed to give top performance and achieve high levels of efficiency thanks to optimised hyraulic systems and motors.

Ama-Drainer (submersible motor pump) Ama-Drainer (submersible motor pump)

The Ama-Drainer N submersible pump is capable of operating at an immersion depth of up to two metres. KSB offers this waste water pump in four sizes.

Ama-Drainer N 301/302/303 can handle waste water with dirt particles up to a particle size of 10 mm. The maximum flow rate is 14 cubic metres per hour, the max. head is 12 metres.

Ama-Drainer 358 can handle waste water containing long fibres, stringy material and solid particles with a particle size of up to 35 mm. The maximum flow rate is 16.5 cubic metres per hour, the max. head is 8.3 metres.

Fields of application: drainage and lowering of surface water levels

  • Extraction of water from rivers and reservoirs
  • Automatic drainage of pits, shafts and cellars
  • Drainage of underground passages
  • Lowering of the surface water level
  • General drainage
  • Drainage of pits, shafts, yards and cellars at risk of flooding

Benefits of Ama-Drainer N submersible pumps

Absolute integrity
The waste water pump is fitted with a magnetic float switch with variable level control and maximum travel stop. A locking disc enables straightforward adaptation of the submersible pump to external control systems.

Easy to replace
For stationary operation, the KSB waste water pump is supplied with a connected float switch; a 10-metre power cable is supplied for mobile use.

Highly reliable
A triple shaft seal with barrier fluid reservoir provides additional lubrication of the seal faces in the event of dry running. The frame-cooled enclosed motor protects the waste water pump from overheating and allows operation even if the motor is not submerged.

Easy to install
The corrosion-proof low-weight plastic casing is noise-absorbing, abrasion-proof and impact-resistant. The vertical discharge nozzle simplifies installation of the waste water pump, for example in narrow sumps. The discharge nozzle comes with an integrated swing check valve to prevent drainage of the discharge line after the pump has been switched off.

For handling seawater or water containing salt, KSB also offers a C version of the Ama-Drainer-N type series with a motor shroud made of high-quality stainless steel (1.4571).