SISTO diaphragm valve – for hygienic drinking water installations

Drinking water installations have to comply with stringent hygienic requirements. KSB's SISTO series valves meet all of these demands. They offer protection against microbial contamination and other health risks.

SISTO-16RGA diaphragm valve
SISTO-16RGA diaphragm valve
SISTO-16TWA diaphragm valve
SISTO-16TWA diaphragm valve
SISTO-20M diaphragm valve
SISTO-20M diaphragm valve

KSB's valve range includes the following SISTO type series:

  • SISTO-20M

Benefits of the SISTO diaphragm valve

Low-maintenance design
Contact with the fluid is ruled out for all moving parts.

High operating reliability
The thrust bearing minimises the closing torques required.

Optimised long-term operation
The position indicator with integrated stem protection prevents ingress of contamination.

Excellent functional reliability
Increased functional reliability of the diaphragm thanks to balanced diaphragm suspension. The SISTO diaphragm valve also features an optimum hydraulic design with a very low resistance coefficient.

High reliability
The SISTO diaphragm valve has no hygienically critical dead volumes. Its optimised hydraulic design allows complete flushing of the valve interior.

Absolutely reliable shut-off and sealing
A single sealing element, the diaphragm, provides hermetic sealing to atmosphere and perfectly tight shut-off, ensuring a long service life and reliable operation.

Long service life
The diaphragm support increases valve life and extends the pressure limit of the diaphragm.

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