Hya-Solo/-Duo D FL Compact – modular, compact and service-friendly

Our compact Hya-Solo D FL Compact and Hya-Duo D FL Compact pressure booster systems are ready-to-connect fire-fighting systems in modular design with backflow prevention. They are the ideal choice for fire protection installations to DIN 14462.

The new Hya-Duo D FL Compact A major benefit of our Hya-Solo D FL Compact and Hya-Duo D FL Compact pressure booster systems is that they are quick and easy to install, even in confined spaces, and fit through all doors.

Technical data:

  • Hya-Solo D FL Compact: single-pump system
  • Hya-Duo D FL Compact: dual-pump system
  • Modular design
  • Max. width: 80 cm, max. height: 180 cm
  • DIN 14462-compliant

Benefits of the compact pressure booster systems:

Reliable operation

  • Redundant design (Hya-Duo): Each pump has its own electric/control circuit
  • The system meets the requirements of DIN 14462, i.e. all prerequisites for standardised fire-fighting installations.
    • The pressure switch and limit switch are monitored for broken wires and short circuit
    • A minimum pump flow is ensured by temperature monitoring
    • The motor/dry-running protection is disabled in the event of a fire.
    • Master switch and valves are secured against unauthorised operation. (Emergency OFF switches are not permitted.)

Straightforward assembly and dismantling

  • Modular design for flexible handling and installation
  • “Easy Access” mechanical seal on Movitec 15: can be replaced without dismantling the pump.
  • Tank drainage with odour trap

Optimum service

  • Commissioning and maintenance can be carried out by KSB pump service.
  • Contact persons are always close at hand.
  • From a single source: KSB is an original manufacturer and full liner for all building services applications
Additional Information

Hya-Solo D FL Compact

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