Hya-Duo D FL pressure booster system – safe and reliable in case of fire

The Hya-Duo D FL pressure booster system from KSB is the perfect choice for fire-fighting installations. The fire-fighting system reliably supplies fire-fighting water and complies with the latest fire protection regulations.

Hya-Solo D FL (pressure booster/fire-fighting system) Hya-Solo D FL (pressure booster/fire-fighting system) The fully automatic Hya-Duo D FL pressure booster set is a dual-pump package system. It features a stand-by pump and separate electrical circuits. The system supplies fire-fighting water in residential buildings but also in commercial and industrial plants. 

Benefits of Hya-Duo D FL pressure booster system

Easy to operate
The pump sets are started and stopped as a function of pressure. They can be controlled via one or several remote ON-OFF limit switches at wall hydrants.

Easy to install
A flow-rate based control function makes it easy to install the ready-to-connect fire-fighting system.

High operating reliability
Hya-Duo D FL maintains a constant pressure in the wet riser. Designed as a fully redundant system, it offers a particularly high degree of operating reliability. The pump handling the fire-fighting water is protected by temperature-controlled minimum flow consumption.

Additional features of the fire-fighting system:

  • Lockable valves
  • Manual-automatic switch (no "0" position)
  • Volt-free signal for pump start by limit switch
  • Two separate control units in a common control cabinet

Further safety features:

  • Master switch is installed in control cabinet to prevent unauthorised manipulation
  • Motor protection device outputs a message in the event of fire but does not trip the system automatically
  • Phases and direction of rotation are monitored continuously
  • Pressure switch and limit switch connections are monitored for broken wires and short circuit
  • A timer in the control cabinet starts the daily operation check run and the weekly flushing for pipe hygiene.

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