Hya-Compact pressure booster package system – energy-efficient, economical, reliable

At the ISH 2011, KSB is showcasing the new Hya-Compact pressure booster package system. Frequency inverters and high-efficiency IE2 motors ensure energy-efficient operation in building services applications.

The new Hya-Compact pressure booster package system
The new Hya-Compact pressure booster package system
Cutaway model of the new Hya-Compact
Cutaway model of the new Hya-Compact

The fully automatic pressure booster package system with IE2 motors is ideally suited for building services applications.

Hya-Compact pressure booster package systems can be employed to handle the following fluids:

  • Drinking water
  • Service water
  • Cooling water
  • Fluids not chemically or mechanically aggressive to the pump materials

Hya-Compact pressure booster package system at a glance:

  • Integrated suction and discharge nozzles with pipe threads 
  • Integrated non-return valve 
  • Direct connection to the mains via a plug 
  • Two pumps; each has its own frequency inverter. 
  • Whenever necessary, the stand-by pump can be started up to meet peak load demand. 
  • Large display panel offers an optimal overview of all important system data 
  • Maximum head: 60 metres 
  • Maximum system pressure: ten bar; the maximum permissible inlet pressure is 6 bar.

Benefits of the Hya-Compact pressure booster package system:


  • Thanks to the frequency inverters, the system’s energy consumption does not exceed the amount actually required. 
  • Standardised IE2 motors help save up to 35 percent of energy compared with conventional booster systems. 


  • Innovative leakage reporting to building management system 
  • Redundant system design 
  • No regions of fluid stagnation thanks to optimised internal piping (preventing pathogen contamination)


  • Intelligent, interactive pump control 
  • Easy to service 
  • Low-noise operation thanks to modern housing 
  • The number of Hya-Compact pressure booster systems can be increased as required (single, parallel or series operation).

Easy to install

  • Space-saving wall or floor mounting by means of mounting brackets
  • Standardised plug connections
Additional Information

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