Filtra N from KSB – the energy-saving swimming pool circulation pump

The self-priming close-coupled pump type Filtra N from KSB is suitable for circulating swimming pool water in filtering systems. The pump can circulate up to 36 cubic metres of water per hour.

Filtra N circulation pump for swimming pool filtering systems Filtra N circulation pump for swimming pool filtering systems

KSB's circulation pump type Filtra N for swimming pool filtering systems is easy to operate and sturdily designed. The pump generates a maximum head of 21 metres.

Benefits of KSB's Filtra N swimming pool circulation pump


  • Single-piece pump casing made of impact-resistant plastic material
  • Impeller position protects shaft against corrosion, as impeller completely encases the shaft end
  • Stainless steel shaft is resistant to aggressive water
  • Low-noise operation of single-phase AC motor with integrated overload protection or three-phase motor

Easy to service

  • Contamination level can be checked easily through transparent screw-on lid with mechanical stop
  • Easy to clean thanks to large-volume, low-clogging, hinged filter basket
  • Two screw plugs for quick drainage of water if there is a risk of freezing
  • Maintenance-free and reliable due to mechanical seal
  • Compact and service-friendly thanks to self-priming, close-coupled design

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