UPA 150C submersible borehole pumps by KSB – high operating reliability, long service life

Whether in well systems or general water supply – KSB’s innovative UPA 150C submersible borehole pumps provide maximum reliability and save energy costs.

UPA 150C submersible borehole pump by KSB UPA 150C submersible borehole pumps stand for high operating reliability and low energy costs. KSB Aktiengesellschaft UPA 150C submersible borehole pumps are suitable for well diameters from 150 millimetres (six inches). They can be installed either vertically in narrow deep wells or in horizontal position.

Applications of KSB’s UPA 150C submersible borehole pump:

  • Handling clean or slightly contaminated water 
  • Irrigation and drainage, spray irrigation 
  • Industrial and municipal water supply
  • Groundwater drawdown and management 
  • Raw and service water supply 
  • Pressure boosting 
  • Drinking water supply (certified to ACS, the French drinking water regulations)

Benefits of KSB’s submersible borehole pump

High-grade materials
KSB manufactures its well pumps and motors from stainless steel. A combination of deep drawing and investment casting gives the pumps a particularly smooth finish and highly precise geometries. This results in a continuously high efficiency of the maintenance-free UPA 150C submersible borehole pump.

High operating reliability
KSB’s submersible borehole pumps stand for reliable system operation and a long service life.

  • This is why the well pumps are so reliable:
  • Reinforced suction strainers
  • Sturdy drive lanterns/motor stools
  • Integrated check valves
  • Laser-welded impellers
  • Protection against thrust reversal

Low operating costs
KSB supplies maintenance-free well pumps with perfectly matched motors. This dramatically reduces energy costs. The low-loss check valve also contributes to long-term savings.

Easy to operate and flexible
The maintenance-free submersible borehole pump is available for a variety of riser pipe connections. The check valve is easy to dismantle. The motors come with a NEMA connection.

KSB also has the answer to handling aggressive fluids: For the toughest requirements the submersible borehole pump is available in even higher grade CrNiMo steel.

Additional Information
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UPA 150C – Submersible borehole pump for well diameters of 150 mm (6 inches) and above