Technical consultancy – KSB Service’s holistic approach to system optimisation

KSB Service provides comprehensive technical consultancy and advice: taking into account systems as a whole, specialists develop individual solutions to ensure optimum operation of pumps, valves and other rotating equipment.

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Technical consultancy on pumps by taking the entire system into account serves three purposes:

  • Optimisation of systems
  • Energy saving
  • Prolonged service life of rotating equipment of any make

To achieve this, KSB Service specialists draw on the know-how of all KSB specialist departments, from Design to Production.

Technical consultancy examples of KSB Service

  • Developing mechanical seal concepts with optimum effect, all matched to the pump, fluid handled and system conditions
  • Adjustment of speed to achieve optimum pump control for different system requirements
  • Modification of the hydraulic system, for example, by fitting new impellers and diffusers
  • Use of special materials to reduce wear
  • Fitting of temperature and vibration sensors to monitor functioning and condition – on request, data can also be transmitted remotely
  • Use of up-to-date bearings technology (product-lubricated) for prolonged service life
  • Coatings to improve efficiency

Benefits of KSB Service’s technical consultancy

  • Saving energy by improving efficiency
  • CO2 emissions reduced by optimising the system
  • Safety and reliability through monitoring and identifying non-conformities at an early stage
  • Saving costs through prolonged service life
  • Bespoke solutions for individual requirements and needs
  • Competent advice based on manufacturer know-how

Click here for specific information on how to improve your systems’ energy efficiency.

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