Straightforward PumpDrive retrofit takes full advantage of energy savings potential in pumps

Retrofitting pumps with the PumpDrive variable speed system opens up untapped energy savings potential. Thanks to its flexibility, the system can be installed without any problems at any time.

Heating system with Etaline PumpDrive
Heating system with Etaline PumpDrive
Heating system with Etabloc PumpDrive
Heating system with Etabloc PumpDrive
Pumps with PumpDrive variable speed system
Pumps with PumpDrive variable speed system
Etanorm PumpDrive
Etanorm PumpDrive

The considerable energy savings potential in pumps and systems can be identified by means of:

  • Installation of KSB's PumpMeter
  • System inspection together with a KSB expert
  • Analysis of the hydraulic system, e.g. using the SES System Efficiency Service

Benefits of retrofitting pump with PumpDrive

  • Neither the motor brand nor the efficiency class of the motor need be considered, thanks to the integrated self-cooling feature
  • No components need to be modified for PumpDrive to be installed
  • Three mounting options (motor-mounted, wall-mounted, cabinet-mounted) enable flexible installation
  • Quick commissioning due to automatically controlled operation using sensor recognition (plug and pump)
  • Compatible with common field bus systems
  • Utilisation of pump-specific control functions such as pressure control with dynamic setpoint compensation
  • Full pump protection by characteristic curve control
  • Motor-mounted or wall-mounted installation results in short motor cable, minimising EMC problems caused by interference emissions
  • Up to a power rating of 45 kW, bearings need not be insulated

Installed PumpMeter simplifies retrofit even further 

  • Keeps track of the current operating point
  • Provides all parameters needed to employ PumpDrive
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Product brochure PumpMeter