Brands and Products available from KSB Malaysia

The KSB Global umbrella brand comprises of a number of KSB international brand names. These brands represent high quality KSB Products and Repair Services which are also provided by KSB Malaysia.

The following brands and trademarks are part of KSB Malaysia's offer:

AMRI logo

Butterfly valves

Under the AMRI brand, KSB sells its butterfly valves. They are used in building services, industry, water engineering and power generation applications. AMRI products include pneumatic, hydraulic and electric valve actuators as well as control systems.


Diaphragm valves

Under the SISTO brand, KSB sells its diaphragm valves. They perform shut-off duties in building services, industrial, water management and power generation applications. Under this brand name, KSB offers special valves for sterile processes including biotech applications.

MIL logo

Control valves

The MIL brand represents control valves manufactured by the Indian subsidiary MIL Controls Ltd. MIL valves are most common in the Asian market.

bombas itur logo

Pumps and fire protection systems

Under the ITUR brand, KSB ITUR Spain, S.A., manufactures pumps for use on ships as well as fire protection systems for building services and industry.

Kagema logo

Pumps, control cabinets and emergency power generators

With KAGEMA Industrieausrüstungen GmbH products KSB offers a complete range of electrically driven and diesel pumps, control cabinets and emergency power systems for fire fighting.

Additional Information
Fluid Future_original

FluidFuture® by KSB enhances your systems' overall efficiency

We spend all ours to save lots of yours. FluidFuture® analyses the system and identifies savings potential – for more energy efficiency and less costs.

More to FluidFuture® by KSB enhances your systems' overall efficiency
KSB PumpMeter

PumpMeter – greater transparency for increased energy efficiency

Mounted on the pump as a standard feature, PumpMeter measures all major operating data and visualises it via a user-friendly display. This allows pump users to see at a single glance if their pump is operating in an efficient and cost-saving manner.

Pump and PumpMeter The following data can be checked on the clearly structured display:

  • All relevant measured variables
  • All relevant pump operating data
  • Operating point
  • Load profile


* Depending on the characteristic curve type, no differentiation is made between the curve's first two quarters, i.e. during low-flow operating conditions, and the corresponding segments of the pump curve are displayed at the same time.

Features which help to increase energy efficiency:

  • Energy efficiency icon (EFF) provides information on potential energy savings around-the-clock.
  • PumpDrive variable speed system can be retrofitted easily, as PumpMeter provides all parameter values required

Benefits of KSB's PumpMeter monitoring unit

  • Mounted on the pump as a standard feature, PumpMeter simplifies the commissioning procedure of the pump and retrofitted PumpDrive
  • The connection of PumpMeter to the process control system using standardised interfaces allows central access to relevant data
  • PumpMeter is more favourably priced than conventional measuring instruments
More to PumpMeter – greater transparency for increased energy efficiency