KSB’s vacuum pump service – professional maintenance and repair

At KSB’s service centres, our specialists see to the professional maintenance and repair of vacuum pumps. This is particularly important for the pump bearings which are subject to heavy stress during operation.

 Vakuumpumpe - Rotor vorher
 Vacuum pump - Rotor before repair
Vakuumpumpe - Rotor nachher
Vacuum pump - Rotor after repair
Vacuum pumps - bearing seat before repair
Vacuum pumps - bearing seat before repair
Vacuum pumps - bearing seat after repair
Vacuum pumps - bearing seat after repair
Vakuumpumpe - Gehäuse bei Anlieferung
Vacuum pump - Casing before repair
Vacuum pump after repair

When maintaining and repairing vacuum pumps, KSB specialists attach particular importance to the pump bearings. Thorough re-working forms a major part of any repair work.

Other work on pump bearings includes

  • Turning
  • Grinding
  • Spray-coating
  • Shrinking

As a matter of course, the KSB Service staff also check and repair other parts of vacuum pumps such as

  • Rotor
  • Port plate
  • Shaft protecting sleeve
  • Casing

Wear protection

When re-working original parts of vacuum pumps, special coatings are applied at the KSB service centre to protect the respective components against wear.

Benefits of KSB’s vacuum pump service

  • One contact within KSB for the pump and motor, regardless of the manufacturer 
  • Competent consultation
  • Safety and reliability ensured by many years of experience 
  • Cost optimisation
  • Collect and return service available on request
Additional Information

Service Flyer

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