Innovative automation and drive solutions for plant optimisation

For new installations or retrofits in existing systems, KSB offers not only the right automation equipment for integration in building management and process control systems, but also the software required for pump commissioning.

Automation products from KSB are suitable for:

  • Integration in process control systems
  • Retrofitting existing installations

KSB offers a comprehensive and flexible product range.
The uniform product design simplifies:

  • Handling
  • Interchangeability
  • Spare parts management

The appropriate software for service and commissioning is available for download.

Heating system with Etaline PumpDrive

Process Control teaser

Automation equipment from KSB for integrating pumps in building management and process control systems is compatible with all common bus systems. In most cases, pump integration is implemented via the PumpDrive variable speed system or the LevelControl or Hyamaster control systems.

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Heating system with Etabloc PumpDrive

Retrofits teaser

Retrofitting pumps with the PumpDrive variable speed system opens up untapped energy savings potential. Thanks to its flexibility, the system can be installed without any problems at any time.

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KSB pumps with LevelControl Basic 2 control unit

Product Design teaser

Pump automation solutions from KSB win over operators with their consistent technical concept. The uniform design and user interfaces of our pump control systems make handling so much easier.

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